Is Treat Me skincare suitable for sensitive and red skin?2018-11-28T06:42:20+00:00

Yes 100% in fact this is exactly what Treat Me skincare was created for. All skin reacts differently to new products, but skincare should never burn or sting, in the unlikely hood that it does please discontinue use.

Will my skin break out when I use Treat Me skincare?2018-11-28T06:41:59+00:00

It is common with new products that your skin may break out after first couple of uses, this depends on how much toxins are being withdrawn and it is a good sign to see at the beginning. Continue using to see best results.

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Treat Me Skincare does not condone animal testing of any kind. All of our products are completely cruelty-free. We believe animals are friends and not for testing cleansers on!